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BONA PROFESSIONAL - 1 gallon refill

- Hardwood floor cleaner & protectant

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WOCA Oil Refresher is used for regular cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors. WOCA Oil Refresher Natural is typically used for natural oiled and color oiled floors and WOCA Oil Refresher White for white oiled wood. WOCA Oil Refresher combines efficient cleaning with simultaneous re-oiling. The oil penetrates into the wood and provides the surface with a protective matte film. The use of WOCA Oil Refresher will extend the life of the oil finish, therefore, extending the periodic oil maintenance application.  Coverage: 1,600 – 2,100 sq. ft. / liter

WOCA Wood Cleaner is used whenever a wood floor is to be oiled, whether for the first time or for maintenance oiling. The floor is mopped with a mixture of Wood Cleaner and water in order to clean the floor and to open the grain so that a maximum amount of oil can penetrate the floor surface. Coverage: Approx.  2,000 sq. ft. / liter